A Life of Many ‘Firsts’ for her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of The West Midlands

/, Knowle, Solihull/A Life of Many ‘Firsts’ for her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of The West Midlands

Our cover is of a great man and one we are proud to be able to feature. Mr Paul C.Sabapathy CBE has, since 2007, been representative of Elizabeth II, our queen and carries the responsibility of the highest office in the country charged with upholding the dignity of the crown.

He is the first ever non white person to be given this honour in the UK. In fact, Mr Sabapathy’s journey is a remarkable one with many ‘firsts’ for a man whose origins are not from this country. From his beginnings in Chennai, India in 1942 to Newcastle in 1964 to study, paid for by sacrifice and hard work of his extradorinary mother, his is a life of academic and career achievment. He became a British Citizen in 1984.

On meeting The Lord-Lieutenant, I was immediately struck by his imposing persona and dignity. This is a man who carried his responsibility elegantly.

As a 7yr old little boy, he went to a military boarding academy in Madras and experienced a hardh, very disciplined regime but it gave him self discpline and confidence. The motto of the school was ‘never give in’ and he never did. Having lost his father at 9 years old and his mother, a maths teacher, raised him alone, teaching in different countries, sometimes in the harshest conditions to pay for her son’s education.

It is one of the Lord-Lieutenant’s roles to put forward candidates for The Queens Honours and The Queen’s Awards for Volentary Service and Enterprize. It mystifies Mr Sabapathy how few are forthcoming from this country, blessed as we are with some of the finest endevours.

Mr Sabapathy’s words for young people are “with hard work, drive and a good education there is plenty of opportunity here in the UK.” It concerns him that many young men are not achieving their potential.

Written by Editor, Julia Parsons