Be sensible about sugar this Easter

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Be sensible about sugar this Easter

Dr Parmar, a local family dentist, offers some friendly advice on keeping your children’s teeth strong and healthy.

It is almost a fact of life that children love sweets (and hate vegetables)! and as adults, we don’t want to be seen as killjoys by depriving them of sweetie treats, especially with Easter eggs at every turn, yet nor do we want to intentionally give children something that causes so much damage.

These simple steps can help minimise the pain, distress and misery associated with the consumption of sugary snacks and drinks:

  • Limit to once a week and eat it as quickly as possible (or enjoy it as a special desserts)
  • Avoid hard boiled or sticky sweets (they remain in the mouth for longer periods)
  • Confine sugary drinks to weekends, although water remains the best option (and it costs nothing!)
  • Encourage relatives to give non-sweet related treats (a comic perhaps?)
  • Brush teeth twice a day, morning & night
  • Never have sweet things before going to bed

As with all things in life, the key is moderation.

Dr Manoj Parmar
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