Find out how to get your project funded by the community!

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The kindness of strangers is changing business…

Have you ever dreamt of the day when a common need could be recognised and the resources and platform to fill that need were readily available to you? Well CrowdPatch offers exactly that. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply have some exciting ideas that would benefit your community, this is the place for those innovative thoughts to become a reality. We at Swan Publishing have recently set up a South Birmingham and Solihull ‘patch’ on CrowdPatch for you to start a crowd funding campaign on, here are some handy pointers to bear in mind before your ideas take flight…

1. Fully develop your investment proposal, half baked campaigns won’t capture the imagination / faith of your audience.

2. Your supporters want to be as involved as possible, introduce yourself / your team properly and keep things personal.

3. Get the wheels in motion before you start a campaign, if you don’t already have a community to tap into, try and get the attention of a handful of influential figures who might be interested in your project.

4. Social media, start hash tag trends and tap into your existing social network to gain initial support for your campaign.

5. Make a video! Visually marketing your proposal on social media allows people to make the very least amount of effort to learn about your campaign – people have incredibly short attention spans!

6. Make a web page, your campaign may be a local niche or an international interest, making a web page will allow anyone who’s interested in helping promote your cause have instant access to a press release they can post as well as all your vital info!

7. Don’t ask for money immediately, people will naturally want to support your ideas once you’ve captured their interest, what you need to think about most is what you can offer them in exchange for their support. If nothing else you can always remember to thank your donors.

8. Keep everybody in the loop! Communication is key to maintaining interest and holding onto your supporting community, they’ll appreciate the news whether its good or bad.

Call us or email us to set up a meeting and we’d be happy to spend time discussing your project ideas, we’re here to help. You can also visit our patch online at