Hey there, would you like to connect?

/, Edgbaston, Harborne, Kings Heath, Knowle, Moseley, Solihull/Hey there, would you like to connect?

Making connections is so critical to our mental health that scientists put it up there with thirst and hunger. So if you’re eager for more ways to connect with the community don’t stress, we can help…

Being community orientated means we want to know what you think… about everything! If you have any projects, news or events of local interest, tell us and we’ll spread the word.

We have a separate account for each area that the magazine goes to so that we can be locally relevant to you. Getting in touch is so simple, just follow and mention us @My_Moseley_KH, @My_Harbourne_Edg and @MY_Solihull you can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/My-Moseley-KH, www.facebook.com/pages/my-harborne-edgbaston, www.facebook.com/pages/my-solihull-knowle-dorridge and let us know your news and what you think of the magazine!

How better to understand and be a part of the community than knowing each one of you? Don’t be shy, think of our Facebook and Twitter pages as a community noticeboard.

So lets get connected?